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Feldenkrais Method: Improving the movement of footballers

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Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, was the first black judo tape in Europe, also practiced foot ball soccer. He systematized the Feldenkrais® Method as a somatic learning proposal. The objective of the Method is to eliminate unnecessary movements when performing a physical activity, so the movement will be efficient and with lower energy expenditure

At the beginning of his book Self-awareness by the movement he writes:"We act according to our self-image."Self-image is built with inheritance, education and self-education. The methodology proposed by Dr. Feldenkrais, mainly, affects self-education; If you know what you do, you can modify what you do, to improve your actions..

The expression: Citius, altius, fortius, is a symbol and an aspiration of athletes, to demonstrate their physical-athletic performance in sports competitions. Biomechanics, shows how the skeleton and the interaction with gravity, during sports practice, makes it easier to find the necessary supports to improve physical-athletic activity. Conscious work with the skeleton and increased awareness of movement patterns are essential to increase power, speed and reduce the risk of injury during physical sports activity.

The practice of the Feldenkrais® Method is carried out in two modalities: Self-awareness lessons through Movement® (ATM), they are group lessons led by a teacher. Functional Integration® (FI), are individual lessons of a student with a teacher to work on a particular issue. In both modalities, each action has 4 instances: thought, emotion, sensation and movement.

«The awareness that the movement is an externalized thought is fundamental in the practice of the Feldenkrais Method.

The awareness that the movement is an externalized thought is fundamental in the practice of the Feldenkrais Method. That is why the lessons, of ATM, like those of IF, are composed of slow, soft and comfortable movements, seeking to recover the learning capacity that is stored in the sensorimotor cortex of each person.

Dr. Feldenkrais worked with professional athletes, for example, basketball player Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who was a student of Moshe. Currently, high performance athletes, in joint sports or individual competition, know and have method classes to improve their physical sports activity.

Dr. Kresimir Sos, Kinesiologist of the University of Zagreb, in Croatia, has a very important job with professional footballers using the Feldenkrais Method, mainly in the GNK Dinamo team in Zagreb, base of the Croatian foot ball team, second place of the World Cup Russia 2018. Several of the most important players of the Croatian team participated in Dr. Kresimir's training programs.

In addition, he is the author of several articles on physical performance issues. He participated in the design of the YO-YO Level 1 intermittent recovery test, developed to measure the ability of an athlete to repeatedly perform high-intensity aerobic work

With the practice of the Feldenkrais® Method, the player improves his ability to move within the field. It makes it easy for you to keep your head up and improve the central and peripheral vision within the field. When running and, in each stroke, releasing the legs from the hip joint increases its speed within the playing field. Likewise, and thanks to a greater awareness of the movement of your ribs, you can make turns and twists efficient, and improve your tactical and collaborative performance within the team. In addition, it obtains an efficient management of its resources and its physical abilities, which allows a greater performance and diminishes the risk of injuries of the athlete.

El Dr. Kresimirwill be in Mexico, from June 1 to 10, 2020, teaching sports clinics, about his work with the Feldenkrais Method and football players in European leagues.

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